Genomill Health is focusing on
disruptive genetic technologies
for diagnostics and beyond


Genomill Health is a genetics technology company. By combining ideas from molecular biology, next-generation DNA sequencing (NGS) and artificial intelligence, we are dedicated to change the landscape of NGS-based testing for liquid biopsies and beyond. Our vision is to democratize the use of NGS-based test such as liquid biopsies, making them an integral part of standard cancer care.


Kalle Koskinen

Kalle Koskinen


Mr. Koskinen is the CEO of Genomill Health and is responsible for general management, business development and finance and administration. He has several years international experience in commercial functions within Pharmaceutical companies and Medical device industries in global, regional and local roles, in Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland and Brazil. Mr. Koskinen holds double Master´s degrees, in Business Administration (M.Sc Econ.) from Åbo Akademi Business School and Political Science (M.Sc) from University of Turku.

dr. Manu Tamminen

Dr. Manu Tamminen


Dr. Tamminen is the head of science at Genomill Health. Dr. Tamminen is an expert in molecular biology, next-generation DNA sequencing and bioinformatics. He received his PhD from the University of Helsinki and did his post-doctoral research at MIT and ETH Zürich, where he developed methodologies for single cell sequencing and molecular counting. He is currently an Adjunct Professor and Lecturer of Genetics at the University of Turku and has authored several high-impact research publications. His experience also includes consulting for emerging biotech companies.

Sami Savisalo

Sami Savisalo


Mr. Savisalo is an experienced legal professional positioned in a Finnish law firm publicly listed on Nasdaq First North Finland. Mr. Savisalo has a strong experience in intellectual property rights and complex and business-critical agreements within the life science industry. He also counsels regularly investors and target companies in venture capital investments and sellers and purchasers in mergers and acquisitions. Mr. Savisalo holds Master of Laws (LL.M) degree from University of Turku.

Petri Elo

Petri Elo

Business Developer

Mr. Elo  is the Business Developer at Genomill Health. He joined the company as an early employee in the beginning of 2017. Mr. Elo holds a M.Sc. (Health Biosciences) from the University of Turku. He has also experience in establishing and managing scientific research projects during his PhD at the University of Turku.


Dr. Jukka Laine

Dr. Jukka Laine

Medical Advisor

Dr. Jukka Laine (M.D, Ph.D.) is acting as medical advisor at GenoMill Health. Mr. Laine is an experienced pediatric pathologist, with 20 years of clinical career as a specialist. He has been actively working in Pediatric Pathology Society and he is a Graduate from registered IPPA (International Pediatric Pathology Association) course. His special research interest are fetal and pediatric diseases and cancer, with the present focus on the genetics of fetal and neonatal death and chromosomal abnormalities and he has 84 peer reviewed scientific publications. Mr. Laine is currently an Associate Professor at University of Turku.

Panu Jaakkola

Dr. Panu Jaakkola


Adj. Professor, Specialist in Oncology and Radiotherapy  Head of Turku University Hospital Cancer Center

Jussi Koivunen

Dr. Jussi Koivunen, MD, PhD

Adj. Prof. Exp Oncology

Specialist in Medical and Radiation Oncology