The definition of scalable and accessible

World-class research applied

Our Geno1™ technology enables unprecedented advantages in the domain of liquid biopsies and beyond, by reducing costs and thus making next-generation diagnostic solutions accessible for any and all patients. 

Liquid biopsies supercharged

Liquid biopsies are part of a growing megatrend in cancer diagnostics, permitting non-invasive precision diagnostics and early detection of cancer. These novel diagnostic and therapeutic solutions are increasingly important in our aging societies. However, they are still non-accessible for the big majority of patients and there is room for improvement.

Our Geno1™ technology derives from world class academic research conducted at MIT in US and ETH Zurich in Switzerland, latter generously supported by Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

The technology truly enables unprecedented scaling of liquid biopsies and beyond, by tackling the three main drivers: cost, accuracy and turn-around-time.

The Genomill team

Manu Tamminen Genomill Health
Dr. Manu Tamminen
CTO, Scientific
  • Expert in molecular biology, next-generation DNA sequencing and bioinformatics
  • Post-doctoral experience at MIT and ETH Zurich
  • Startup experience at a Harvard Medical School spin-off specializing in single cell transcriptomics
Kalle Koskinen Genomill Health
Kalle Koskinen
CEO, Commercial
  • Experienced medtech & life science professional – with several years global experience in commercial functions LATAM, Switzerland, Nordics.
  • M.Sc Economics Sciences, M.Sc International Politics
Juuso Blomster Genomill Health
Dr. Juuso Blomster
Medical advisor, quality, commercial
  • MD, PhD in cardiology
  • International experience in clinical research functions & quality
  • Big pharma and clinical background
Jukka Laine Genomill Health
Dr. Jukka Laine
Medical advisor, clinical expert
  • Experienced pediatric pathologist
  • Pediatric diseases and cancer
  • 84 scientific publications
  • Associate Professor
Sami Savisalo Genomill Health
Sami Savisalo
  • Master of Laws (LL.M)
  • Several years experience in life science and biotech
  • Specialities: M&As, startups, IPR
Tõnu Esko Genomill Health
Tõnu Esko
Scientific Advisor
  • Professor of Human Genomics at University of Tartu
  • Head of Estonian Biobank Innovation Center
  • Research Scientist at Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard
  • Co-author in 350+ scientific publications
  • Among the 250 most influential scientist in the fields of molecular biology and genetics

The definition of scalable and accessible