Docrates adopts Color

Docrates Cancer Center has agreed to offer Color and associated genetic counseling to their customers in Finland, Nordics and Russia. The collaboration provides Genomill and Docrates a unique opportunity to make highest quality genetic testing and hereditary cancer susceptibility analysis easily available. The Color test is immediately available at Docrates Cancer Center:, +358 10 773 2000.


Tom Wiklund, Chief Clinical Director at Docrates Cancer Center:

“When combined with visits to a specialist in medical genetics, the new test provides an important new service for people who have several cases of cancer in their family. The test is also suitable for patients with certain hereditary cancer. Based on the test result and the patient’s background information, a specialist in medical genetics can assess the personal risk of the tested person and, together with other specialists, evaluate the need for monitoring for early detection or other actions. The test also helps to assess whether other family members should be tested.”

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