Color - Heriditary cancer risk analysis

Product code: GM-COLOR-30

Certification: CE, CAP, CLIA

Sample type: Saliva or blood

Color analyzes 30 genes — including BRCA1 and BRCA2 — to help you to better understand your risk of developing breast and ovarian cancer. The Color test is CAP accredited and CLIA sertified. The analysis is performed conveniently on a saliva or blood sample, and the results are provided in 2-6 weeks after returning the sample.

Validation of the Color test can be downloaded here.

About 10-15% of breast and ovarian cancers are due to inherited genetic mutations. Knowing that you have a mutation that increases your risk of developing breast or ovarian cancer allows you and your healthcare provider to create a personalized screening plan, which increases the chance of early detection. The 5-year survival rate for both breast and ovarian cancer increases dramatically when either is caught at an earlier and more treatable stage.

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