REDEFINING Liquid biopsies

We are a pioneering precision diagnostics company with focus on improving liquid biopsies with our patented and proprietary molecular detection and quantification platform.  

Genomill’s vision is to be a leader in the transformation of precision diagnostics with the ultimate goal of enabling the full potential of liquid biopsies across the world. Our mission is to enable accurate, affordable and fast molecular diagnostics on a global scale.

The Challenge and our solution

Liquid biopsies, which involve the analysis of circulating biomarkers such as circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) or circulating tumor cells (CTCs) in blood, offer a promising non-invasive approach for cancer detection and monitoring. However, several challenges persist in their widespread adoption and effectiveness – for example costs, scalability and limit of detection.
As research and technology advancements continue, addressing these challenges will be crucial for the broader integration of liquid biopsies into routine clinical practice. We aim to change this.
We want to harness the use of the Next-Generation-Sequencing in diagnostics to the next level with our proprietary and patented Geno1® NGS technology platform, enabling significant improvements in costs, scalability and performance.

The proven Power of

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Benchmarking Geno1®
Equivalent Performance with Industry Leaders

Geno1® platform was tested by an independent laboratory, demonstrating equal performance with leading liquid biopsy technologies. It’s accuracy consistently aligns with that of industry leaders, proving our commitment to precise and reliable diagnostics.

Aligned Precision: Geno1®’s detection of mutant allele fractions aligns closely with established industry-standard technologies such as Illumina AmpliSeq and ArcherDX LIQUIDPlex.

Trusted Verification: Independent testing confirms Geno1’s high-level performance, demonstrating its strength androbustness.

Advancing Diagnostics: Geno1®’s innovative solution in liquid biopsy diagnostics sets it up as a future leader in precision medicine.

Geno1® has demonstrated its capability to align with industry standards, which proves its effectiveness and establishes its role as an innovative force in advancing liquid biopsy diagnostics.

Geno1® and MRD
Revealing Potential for Challenging Industry

Geno1® delivers proven reliability in treatment selection at clinical sensitivity levels (0.X% MAF at 100x dilution) and shows its potential at ultra-sensitive levels (0.0X% MAF at 1000x dilution) for MRD detection. This highlights Geno1®’s accuracy and reliability in critical diagnostic areas.

Precision in MRD Detection: With data points reaching as low as 0.08%, Geno1® shows promising sensitivity, indicating its potential contribution to MRD diagnostics.

Reliable Tx Level Performance: Geno1® achieves accurate detection at the 0.X% MAF level, offering support to treatment selection.

Benchmarking Excellence: Geno1® matches and often surpasses industry benchmarks in MRD and Tx diagnostics.

These findings reinforce Geno1®’s position as a valuable and impactful tool in the landscape of liquid biopsy diagnostics, particularly in MRD detection and treatment selection.

Excelling in Scalability Through Efficient Sequencing

Geno1® performs effectively with fewer sequencing reads (~800,000), still detecting levels needed for MRD and Tx, highlighting the platform’s efficiency.

Optimized Sequencing Costs: Geno1® maintains high sensitivity even with fewer sequencing reads, making it a cost-efficient choice for different sequencing platforms.

Adaptable to Sample Quality: Geno1® has demonstrated to reliably detect MRD and Tx sensitivity levels even with reduced sequencing depth, showing its robustness in processing samples of varying quality.

Scalable and Flexible Sequencing: Geno1® optimizes the use of sequencing data to enhance multiplexing capabilities, ensuring compatibility with simpler benchtop sequencers, offering versatile and adaptable solutions.

Geno1® demonstrates the ability to manage sequencing and multiplexing effectively, optimizing resource usage while maintaining diagnostic precision.

Easy of use in decentralized KIT Format

In a comparative study, Geno1® kit was distributed to a third-party laboratory, with no hands-on training provided. The close correlation of results between the third-party and Genomill’s in-house testing confirmed the platform’s kitability and user-friendly protocol.

Proven Kitability: Geno1®’s consistent results across various labs illustrates its kitability, demonstrating ease of adoption and use.

User-Friendly Protocol: The third-party laboratory successfully replicated Genomill’s results, attesting to the straightforward and accessible nature of the Geno1® process.

High Correlation Achieved: Independent testing revealed a high degree of correlation (R2=0.979), showcasing the reproducible precision of Geno1® across different lab environments.

This evaluation solidifies Geno1® as a global solution in liquid biopsy diagnostics, capable of maintaining high-quality results across various laboratory settings.

Delivers Platform Agnostic Precision

Geno1®’s capabilities have been successfully demonstrated through evaluations on Illumina MiSeq and Ion Torrent S5 systems, affirming its broad applicability. Based on its inherent design, Geno1® is confirmed to be compatible with any NGS platform.

Platform-Agnostic Design: Geno1®’s agnostic approach to NGS platforms ensures its flexibility and adaptability in various sequencing environments.

Consistent Read-Outs: Geno1® demonstrates a high correlation (R2=0.971) in performance across different sequencing platforms, indicating its consistent and reliable read-outs.

Novel Library-Free Sequencing: Geno1® supports novel library-free sequencing on platforms utilizing circular DNA, minimizing turnaround times and streamlining workflows.

The study reinforces Geno1®’s ability to enhance genomic diagnostics, offering efficiency and effectiveness across various sequencing platforms.