Geno1® NGS technology platform

Geno1® is a NGS technology platform, which consists of three main components: chemistry, work flow and data processing (see illustration below). Geno1® is intended for building liquid biopsies in kit format.

It empowers a new generation of oncology sequencing tests in kit format, by using bridge capture approach.

Geno1® enables substantially lower production costs, reduced assay-prep time and Turn-Around-Time, combined with high performance levels. Geno1® is also massively scalable technology in terms of number of samples and targets – and it can be automated with robotics. Geno1® is also agnostic to all Next-Generation-Sequencing platforms.

It unlocks the future of distributed kits.


The core of the Geno1®´s chemistry part is the Probe Library, which based is on proprietary Probe Design.
The Probe library is stock of pre-designed probes that define the content of the assay.

Probe mix includes the probes needed for a specific panel (they define the content of the panel). Genomill has a probe library, which includes the probes for specific targets. It is updated and expanded continuously.


Geno1® work flow is a few step patented laboratory process that leads to targeted NGS libraries for sequencing, it can be fully automated with robotics – and has a prep-time of less than 5 hours.

Geno1® leverages the highly efficient, uniform, linear amplification capacity of phi29 polymerase in a rolling circle amplification reaction.


Next generation sequencing.

E.g. Illumina, IonTorrent, Oxford Nanopore, PacBio.

Data Processing

After sequencing the data is processed by our proprietary algorithms.This data can further be used for creating clinical interpretations and reports, by our customers.

Geno1® data processing for sequencing data, either in cloud format or through local installation. The data shows patient-specific mutation profiles, which are used for generating clinical reports.

Geno1® benefits

Reduced TAT

Simple few steps assay-prep process combined with rapid data processing leads to fast Turn-Around-Time (TAT)


The unique combination of molecular biology, robotics, NGS and data processing leading to low production costs

Massive scalability

Enabling massive scalability in terms of number of targets and samples.

Genomill patent portfolio

US: US-11486003
EU: EP 3673081, EP 4060049, EP 4060050
JP: JP-7074978

Minimize to maximize

Geno1® is based on unique, patented Bridge Capture target enrichment workflow that maximizes the power of NGS platforms. It can be adapted to any next-generation sequencing platform.
The laboratory design of Geno1® has been guided by the principle of minimalism: reduce all processing steps to minimum and make them as simple as possible. Through these design choices, Geno1® provides a lightweight but powerful molecular counting platform which scales to any number of relevant targets within any number of patient samples.