Reduced cost

From 1500 USD to


Incrementally improving the current cost levels, leading to  global impact

Increased accuracy

From 0,25% to

< 0.25 %

The unique combination of molecular biology, robotics, NGS and data interpretation provides market-leading accuracy.

Faster turn-around-time

From 14 days to


Manual stages of work almost fully minimized, enabling unparallelled scalability and processing times.

Geno1® in detail

Geno1® is a proprietary kit-based pre-sequencing technology that combines molecular biology, robotics, next-generation DNA sequencing (NGS) and data interpretation.

Geno1® addresses the key shortcomings of NGS-based solutions through its minimalistic but powerful design, leading to substantially lower test costs, higher test accuracy and faster turn-around-time. Geno1® is also massively scalable technology in terms of number of samples and targets. It unlocks the future of distributed kits.

Geno1® unlocks the use of NGS in an unprecedented way and democratises the precision diagnostics.

Minimize to maximize

Our unique ligation-based molecular barcoding Geno1® technology maximizes the power of NGS platforms and AI. The laboratory design of Geno1® has been guided by the principle of minimalism: reduce all processing steps to minimum and make them as simple as possible. Through these design choices, Geno1® provides a lightweight but powerful molecular counting platform which scales to any number of relevant targets within any number of patient samples.

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