Geno1® NGS technology platform

Utilizing the novel Bridge Capture™ approach, Geno1® empowers a new generation of kitted oncology sequencing tests.

Geno1® excels in simplicity, scalability, and cost, driving innovation in liquid biopsy field. Geno1® is agnostic to NGS platforms, ensuring broad applicability. The technology is offered through out-licensing, providing a valuable opportunity for partnership and growth.

It’s a turnkey technology that’s unlocking the future of distributed kits on a global scale.

Our solution


EASY TO USE, SCALABLE AND COST-EFFECTIVE solution for unlocking the future of liquid biopsies


The core of the Geno1® chemistry is the Probe Library, which is based on proprietary Probe Design. The Probe Library is a stock of pre-designed probes that defines the content of the assay. The chemistry also includes bulk enzymes and reagents needed in Geno1®.


Specific targets for the panel to be assembled


Geno1® workflow is a few-step patented laboratory process that leads to targeted NGS libraries for sequencing, it can be fully automated with robotics – and has a prep-time of less than 5 hours.


Sequencing libraries based on the defined targets for the panel, ready for sequencing


After sequencing the data is processed by our proprietary algorithms. This data can further be used with other data sources for creating clinical interpretations and reports, by our customers´ own bioinformatics pipeline. A suitable cloud-based service is used to deploy this part.


Patient specific mutation profiles, based on the content of the panel and findings from the samples as VCF file

Bridge capture™ is simple and scalable

Geno1® marks a significant advancement in NGS technology by integrating the strengths of amplicon and hybrid capture methods, enhancing scalability, sensitivity, and workflow efficiency. With its UMI-based protocol, Geno1® offers a leap in simplicity and scalability, achieving high evenness and sensitivity for rare variants. This translates to a streamlined, cost-efficient process, surpassing the multiplexing and sensitivity constraints of traditional amplicon techniques.

Moreover, Geno1® streamlines the complexity typically associated with target enrichment, delivering a swift and simplified workflow. By focusing on pre-selected loci, Geno1® ensures high target evenness, enabling the detection of rare variants at moderate sequencing depths. It presents a cost-effective and efficient alternative to target enrichment’s extensive workflows, high sequencing demands, and complicated data analysis.


In short, Geno1® combines the strengths of both amplicon and hybrid capture technologies, offering excellent sensitivity and scalability, with a user-friendly protocol that significantly reduces cost and complexity in NGS workflows.


WITH EXPERIENCE using a wide range of available NGS TECHNOLOGIES

“This is by far the easiest workflow I´ve ever used”

Geno1® in detail –
bridge capture™ explained

Geno1® features a streamlined, few-step protocol with minimal hands-on-time

Target capture
Gap fill
RCA and digestion
Library indexing
Library clean-up and quantification

Target capture

Successful targeting of a specific sequence is achieved by the simultaneous binding of two probes, held together by a bridge oligo. The requirement for simultaneous probe binding to their respective target sequences enhances the specificity of the bridge capture process. UMIs included in the probes enable accurate identification of unique binding events.

Gap Fill

In the gap fill step, the DNA polymerase extends the probes using the target DNA as a template, followed by ligation to form a continuous circular structure, with the bridge oligo intact.

RCA and digestion

The circular construct is linearly amplified by RCA to generate multiple copies of the circular probe, ensuring non-biased amplification that accurately retains molecular ratios. After RCA, the single-stranded concatemers formed are digested by a restriction enzyme, resulting in multiple copies of targeted amplicons.

Limited cycle PCR

Limited Cycle PCR attaches sequencing platform-specific adapters to the digestion products, minimizing the exponential amplification bias.

This process is collectively known as Bridge Capture™.

Genomill's IPR Portfolio

Continuously Innovating and Expanding our IP Assets

Genomill has established a strong IPR portfolio for Geno1® and Bridge Capture™. The Geno003 stands as a key patent in our laboratory methods.


Foundational patent

EU patent granted
Japan patent granted
China patent granted
Hong Kong patent granted

ZL 201880055271.3


Dirty samples

EU patent granted
US patent granted



Improved workflow

US patent granted
EU patent granted

EP 4060050


Improved sample indexing and barcodes

US patent in grant phase

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