Genomill and Finland’s Cancer Research Flagship iCAN Partner To Improve Cancer Detection Using an Extensive Biobank Cohort

Helsinki, Finland – June 13, 2023 – Genomill and iCAN, the Finnish national cancer research flagship project, signed a partnership aiming to improve the detection of trace tumour DNA from thousands of biobank samples.

Genomill, a pioneering precision diagnostics company, brings its cutting-edge Geno1® platform to the collaboration. Genomill’s proprietary and patented platform enables fast, cost-effective, and accurate analysis of cell-free tumour DNA extracted from blood plasma samples. The partnership leverages the extensive repository of patient samples and deep molecular profiling data available in the iCAN Flagship Project. iCAN is at the forefront of advancing precision cancer medicine by linking tumour profiling data with broad health data from more than 10,000 patients.

“We are excited to collaborate with iCAN to validate and further develop our proprietary and patented Geno1® platform,” noted Kalle Koskinen, CEO of Genomill. “We expect this partnership will push the envelope in leveraging accessible and actionable liquid biopsies on a global scale, especially with a focus on Minimal Residual Disease (MRD) and Treatment (Tx) Selection. Genomill’s mission is to lower the barriers to global adoption of liquid biopsies in precision diagnostics.”

The iCAN Flagship Project provides an excellent setting to test the efficiency of the platform to detect cancer at different stages of disease, as well as in different cancer types. “We are thrilled to investigate the sensitivity of this novel technology to detect circulating cell-free tumour DNA initially in colorectal and lung cancer,” said Tomi Mäkelä, iCAN Executive Officer. “The partnership with Genomill aligns with iCAN’s mission to leverage the iCAN Discovery Platform for contributions to diagnostic development and for meeting the evolving needs of cancer patients.”

About Genomill

Genomill (Genomill Health Ltd) is a pioneering precision molecular diagnostics company with a mission to democratise the use of liquid biopsies for oncology and beyond. Genomill envisions a global impact on healthcare and diagnostics through its unique combination of technological innovations. Geno1®, is a NGS (Next-Generation Sequencing) Technology Platform intended for liquid biopsy players focused on distributed kits. It enables unprecedented improvements in costs, Turn-Around-Time (TAT) and performance. Genomill has a broad patent portfolio around Geno1 technology and was recently granted 1st US patent for the main workflow (USPTO No. 20220298569).

About iCAN

The iCAN Digital Precision Cancer Medicine program is a public-private partnership and an Academy of Finland Flagship. The goal of iCAN is to combine deep molecular and genetic profiling with extensive longitudinal health data to accelerate discoveries and improve patient outcomes. iCAN aims to leverage novel breakthroughs to facilitate the implementation of precision cancer medicine and personalised cancer treatment.

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